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2 PACK SL Benfica® Logo + Eusébio

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1/4in (0.5cm) Thick Sustainable Wood
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A special gift that every SL BENFICA fans will love!

 An unrivaled gift that immortalizes passions and creates memories for years to come! 

Each puzzle piece has a unique shape that depicts elements related to soccer and iconic players poses.

 An unforgettable experience and a great way to challenge adults, families, and kids of all ages.



100% sustainable wooden puzzle 0.5cm thick.

3 times thicker than a traditional cardboard puzzle.

3 times brighter colors than a traditional puzzle.

Sustainable wooden boxperfect as a gift.

- Each puzzle will help save the planet. We plant a tree for every order we receive.


 Spending time with family or friends.

Decrease yours and your family’s screen time.

 Meditate and relieve stress. Psychologist-recommended.

 Develop your brain and strengthen your problem-solving skills.


SL Benfica® Logo - Official Wooden Puzzle

S (26.4×26cm / 10.4×10.2in) 150 pcs

M (37.4×36.7cm / 14.7×14.4in) 270 pcs

L (52.8×52cm / 20.8×20.5in) 500 pcs + Set For Mounting Puzzles FREE

Eusébio - Official Wooden Puzzle

S (21×30cm / 8.3×12) 150 pcs

M (30×42cm / 12×16.5in) 270 pcs

L (42×60cm / 16.5×23.4) 500 pcs + Set For Mounting Puzzles FREE


  2x SL Benfica® Logo + Eusébio Official Wooden Puzzles

  2x SL Benfica® Logo + Eusébio Official Wooden Boxes

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We plant a tree for every order.

We believe in giving back what nature has given us: our puzzles are made of 100% sustainable wood, and we turn your orders into entire forests

That's why we're partnering with a non-profit organization that plants trees to give our planet a breath of fresh air. 

Your order makes a difference for you, your loved ones, and for the air that you breathe every day.