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2 PACK Arsenal FC® Wooden Puzzle + Phone Case

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Made of Sustainable Wood
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A Special Gift that Every Arsenal Fans Will Love

 A luxury wooden puzzle and phone case featuring the team's iconic logo.

An unrivaled gift that immortalizes passions and creates memories for years to come! 

 Exclusive and elegant design, ideal for all ages.

 Carry your passion wherever you go, a must have accessory for any football fan.


- Wooden Phone Case and Wooden Puzzle in 100% eco-sustainable wood.

- 3 times more durable than a traditional silicone case and cardboard puzzle.

- Eco-friendly and colorful box, perfect as a gift.

- Each order will help save the planet. We plant a tree for every order we receive.


 1x Arsenal FC® Logo - Official Wooden Phone Case

✓ 1x Arsenal FC® Logo - Official Wooden puzzle

 1x Tempered Glass Screen Protector (FREE)

 1x Camera Glass Protector (FREE)

We plant a tree for every order.

We believe in giving back what nature has given us: our puzzles are made of 100% sustainable wood, and we turn your orders into entire forests

That's why we're partnering with a non-profit organization that plants trees to give our planet a breath of fresh air. 

Your order makes a difference for you, your loved ones, and for the air that you breathe every day.