10 Ways to Enjoy Soccer-Themed Sports Jigsaw Puzzles

There are so many great moments to recount in soccer. And, so many of them can be recounted through the images of a jigsaw puzzle.

Options are plentiful if you’re looking for a way to experience soccer history through sports puzzles.

Here are 10 soccer-themed jigsaw puzzles that would be a perfect fit for a puzzle enthusiast.  


1. FIFA World Cup Moments Puzzle

These puzzles feature iconic moments from past FIFA World Cup matches, capturing the excitement and drama of the tournament.

You can relive the unforgettable moments of the World Cup with these jigsaw puzzles that feature every moment, from the euphoria of victory to the agony of defeat. Each piece tells a story of passion, skill, and determination on the world's biggest stage. Some puzzles display scenes from legendary matches, iconic goals, and triumphant celebrations.

Like the legendary match that showcased the amazing skills of England’s Gordon Banks in 1970. Banks made the ‘save of the century’ when he pulled off an unlikely save from Brazil’s Pele. England still lost the match but puzzle enthusiasts can catch Bank’s miracle moment by putting the pieces together of that particular jigsaw puzzle.


2. Legends of Soccer Puzzle

   You may want to celebrate the greatest players in soccer history with a puzzle showcasing legends like Pelé, Diego Maradona, and Lionel Messi. There are many choices for pictures or unique artwork featuring these players conquering the field or celebrating a goal.


3. Stadium Spectacular Soccer Puzzle

Piece together a panoramic view of a famous soccer stadium packed with cheering fans and vibrant energy.

For example, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Puzzle allows puzzlers to experience the grandeur of Real Madrid's home ground. Or how about the Old Trafford Stadium Puzzle – the legendary home of Manchester United?


4. Soccer Ball Collage Puzzle

Enjoy a colorful collage puzzle featuring soccer balls of various designs, sizes, and patterns. Here are a few examples of images to look out for:

  • Classic Black and White Soccer Ball: The traditional design of a soccer ball with black pentagons and white hexagons arranged in a pattern that's instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.
  • Official FIFA World Cup Balls: There are several editions to discover including the iconic Adidas Telstar, Brazuca, Jabulani, and Tango, each with its unique design and colors.
  • Vintage Soccer Balls: these may showcase how the design and materials have evolved over the years, from leather balls with laces to more modern synthetic materials.
  • Club-Specific Balls: Soccer balls adorned with the logos and colors of various soccer clubs from around the world, representing their unique identities and fan bases.


5. Soccer Stars Action Puzzle

It’s probably the most obvious way to get in on the soccer puzzle action - a puzzle depicting dynamic scenes of players displaying their skills and dramatic antics on the field.

Here are some examples of soccer stars you can find featured on a sports jigsaw puzzle:  

  • Lionel Messi dribbling past defenders: showcasing Messi effortlessly weaving through defenders capturing the excitement and agility of the Argentine superstar.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a spectacular goal: featuring the Portuguese star leaping into the air to score a breathtaking goal with a powerful header or a thunderous strike from outside the box, highlighting his athleticism and goal-scoring prowess.
  • Neymar Jr. performing a flamboyant skill move: highlighting the Brazilian’s flair and creativity with a dazzling skill move, such as a rainbow flick or a step-over, leaving opponents mesmerized and fans cheering in admiration.
  • Kylian Mbappé sprinting past defenders: capturing the lightning-fast speed of the French footballer as he bursts past defenders with his explosive acceleration and nimble footwork, leaving a trail of opponents in his wake.
  • Mohamed Salah racing down the wing: featuring the Egyptian footballer using his blistering pace to sprint down the wing, leaving defenders trailing behind as he prepares to deliver a dangerous cross or cut inside for a shot on goal.


6. Soccer Crests and Logos Puzzle

Test your knowledge of soccer clubs from around the world by assembling puzzles showcasing their distinctive crests and logos.

Some of these may include:

  • FC Barcelona Crest: The distinctive crest featuring the club's iconic red and blue stripes, the St. George's Cross, and the Catalan flag, symbolizes the club's rich history and Catalan identity.
  • Real Madrid Crest: The regal crest featuring the crown, the royal mantle, and the initials "RMCF" (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) intertwined, represents the club's royal heritage and prestigious status in Spanish football.
  • Manchester United Crest: The iconic crest featuring the Red Devil mascot, the ship representing the city's maritime heritage, and the football, symbolizes the club's storied history and global fanbase.
  • Liverpool FC Crest: The crest featuring the mythical bird symbolizing the city of Liverpool, the club's founding year, and the iconic Shankly Gates, represents the club's legendary status in English football.
  • +Bayern Munich Crest: The traditional crest featuring the stylized letters "FCB" (Fußball-Club Bayern München), the Bavarian flag, and the blue and white colors, symbolizes the club's Bavarian roots and dominance in German football.


7. Women's Soccer Champions Puzzle

Celebrate the achievements of women in soccer with a puzzle featuring victorious moments from international women's tournaments.

Here are some noteworthy moments:

  • US Women's National Team Celebrating World Cup Victory: Captures the joyous celebration of the team after winning the FIFA Women's World Cup, with players raising the trophy aloft and celebrating with fans.
  • Marta Vieira da Silva Scoring Record-Breaking Goal: Highlights the Brazilian soccer star celebrating after scoring her record-breaking goal in international competition, cementing her status as one of the greatest female players of all time.
  • Carli Lloyd Hat-Trick in Olympic Final: Showcases the soccer star's historic performance in the Olympic final, where she scored a remarkable hat-trick to lead the US Women's National Team to victory and Olympic gold.
  • Megan Rapinoe's Iconic Goal Celebration: Features Rapinoe raising her arms in triumph after scoring a crucial goal in a major tournament, inspiring fans around the world with her confidence and charisma.


8. Soccer Stadium Night Lights Puzzle

Piece together a stunning nighttime view of a soccer stadium illuminated by vibrant lights, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.


9. Soccer Scarves and Flags Puzzle

Immerse yourself in the passionate fan culture of soccer with a puzzle showcasing scarves, flags, and banners from supporters around the globe.


10. Soccer Through the Ages Puzzle

You can also take a trip through soccer history with a puzzle depicting the evolution of the sport, from its early origins to modern-day glory.

For instance, England’s triumph at the iconic 1966 FIFA World Cup Final. The scene focuses on the defeat of West Germany 4-2 after extra time to claim England’s first and only World Cup title. A few puzzles on the market show Bobby Moore lifting the Jules Rimet Trophy aloft at Wembley Stadium, capturing a defining moment in English soccer history.

Or how about Diego Maradona's "Hand of God" or "Goal of the Century?"

These puzzles showcase two iconic moments from the 1986 FIFA World Cup quarter-final match between Argentina and England. Maradona's controversial "Hand of God" goal, features the moment where he punched the ball into the net, while his mesmerizing solo goal, often dubbed the "Goal of the Century," showcases him dribbling past several English players to score a remarkable goal.

These examples represent significant events that have left an indelible mark on soccer history, showcasing how the sport has evolved and captivated fans across generations.

Wrap Up

Any one of these 10 soccer jigsaw puzzle options offers a great way for puzzle enthusiasts to enjoy the game without hitting the field and getting dirty. Each one offers a unique perspective on the world of soccer, making them ideal choices for enthusiasts of the sport.



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